Pipe Jacking

Slurry Method

The slurry method of construction is a process that involves the use of a prepared slurry to keep bore holes stable for when excavation occurs. The soil conditions where this option could be used are any with caving soils, and it can also work in permeable water bearing or low-permeability rock stratum if an alternative cannot be found. The use of a slurry to stabilize the bore hole keeps it from collapsing and makes for easier excavation. The soil conditions that would benefit most are those with high permeability, such as sandy or gravel soils, which cannot be set into without casing otherwise they will collapse due to cave-ins. The slurry method of construction is an excellent option for any site where there are water-bearing soils that make setting a casing difficult.

Manshield Method

One of the oldest methods for tunneling is called Manshield Method. This technique was designed to maintain and support an excavation at a certain pressure in order to prevent subsidence, or cave-ins. Pipes are jacked into ground using powerful hydraulic power packs from the jack shaft while manually excavating (or mechanically depending on soil conditions).

Auger Boring Method

Auger boring is the most common and historic technique for drilling through soil or rock. It has a very high success rate, which makes it an inexpensive option for installing utilities under highways as well as in any area above the groundwater table. American Auger and Barbco equipment are used by HDD Willco with steel casing ranging from 12” to 60″. The cutting head inside of this pipe moves back out of the way while being thrust forward using augers that drill into these pipes carrying spoil away on either side – making trenchless installation simpler than ever before!

Imagine this being done in a tight space, where the drill cannot be removed from the casing. The machine will then cut through any materials blocking their way and continue on with its mission of drilling into new ground to create clean pipes that are ready for new cables or utility piping.

This method simultaneously jacks a casing forward while removing spoil with an auger once it’s drilled deep enough underground so as not to bother anyone aboveground during installation (the water table is low here). Once the pipe is completed, dirt needs to be cleared out before covering up again when finished; otherwise you may have issues like flooding due to rainwater seeping through old holes left by previous boreholes.

Pilot Tube Method

The pilot tube process is more complicated than you might think. The installation of the hollow tubes, which are used as guidance for a bulldozer to follow in order to grade land with precision and speed, can only be performed by highly trained pilots. A digital theodolite guides them through their work while they gaze at an illuminated LED target that displays all vital information about where the head is positioned onscreen so it can make adjustments if required without stopping or slowing down during grading operations.

“Monitoring what’s happening inside ground being graded isn’t easy when visibility levels drop below 2 meters because dirt clogs up everything,” says John Gilman from Pilot Tube Products Inc., “That means anything over 20cm deep would require digging before any. The camera mounted on a digital theodolite provides an image of the LED target through hollow tubes. The operator controls where to point this by rotating slant-faced head, and advances it using jacking force applied from below. For small diameter pipes like service laterals, these are launched manholes or pits; once there’s enough distance between them for extraction we can extract while pulling in more pipe at one end with our hands.

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